8.Bio-diversity-merged Nagoya Protocol is related to (A) Climate change (B) Ozone depletion (C) Hazardous waste (D) Biodiversity Answer: (D) Kyoto Protocol is related to (A) Ozone depletion (B) Hazardous waste (C) Climate change (D) Nuclear energy Answer: (C) Which one of the following biosphere reserves has UNESCO recognition ? (A) Manas (B) Kanchenjunga (C) Seshachalam … Read more

3.Carbon dioxide (CO2)

  Which is the source of chlorofluorocarbons ? (A) Thermal power plants (B) Automobiles (C) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (D) Fertilizers Answer: (C) Which of the following is a source of methane? (A) Wetlands (B) Foam Industry (C) Thermal Power Plants (D) Cement Industry Answer: (A)  Which of the following is a source of emissions leading … Read more

2.नवीकरणीय ऊर्जा (Renewable energy)

S and P waves are associated with (A) floods (B) wind energy (C) earthquakes (D) tidal energy Answer: (C) Which of the following is not a renewable natural resource ? (A) Clean air (B) Fertile soil (C) Fresh water (D) Salt Answer: (D) The second most important source after fossil fuels contributing to India’s energy needs is … Read more