Anthropology for UPSC by SELF STUDY in Few Months- TIPS & STRATEGY

How do I complete Anthropology for UPSC by self study? How to plan a strategy for success in self-study? What challenges should I plan for? How do I manage time for preparation? What tips should I follow for effective self study in the optional paper? What to include in my study timetable? What chapters need more time in Anthropology?
All this And MORE is answered in this video, with tips and strategy suggestions from Expert Faculty Dr. Kartic Godavarthy, PhD.

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01:30 Tip #1
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03:27 Tip #4
04:36 Tip #5 (also answers: List of most demanding chapters)
05:27 Tip #6
06:05 Tip #7
06:26 Tip #8 (BOOKLIST:
07:28 Tip #9 (also answers: Why you should make notes?)
08:42 Tip #10

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