1. Types Of Definitions ll Lexical, Stipulative, Persuasive

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  1. Determine the nature of the following definition:

“Abortion” means the ruthless murdering of innocent beings.

  1. Lexical a
  2. Persuasive
  3. Stipulative
  4. Theoretical
Answer: (2)
  1. A stipulative definition is
  1. always true
  2. always false
  3. sometimes true sometimes false
  4. neither true nor false
Answer: (4)
  1. A definition put forward to resolve a dispute by influencing attitudes or stirring emotions is called

(A) Lexical

(B) Persuasive


(C) Stipulative

(D) Precisions

Answer: (B)
  1. A stipulative definition may be said to be

(A) Always true

(B) Always false

(C) Sometimes true, sometimes false

(D) Neither true nor false

Answer: (D)
  1. When a definition implies a proposal to use the definiendum to mean what is meant by the definiens it is called

(1) Lexical definition

(2) Stipulative definition

(3) Precising definition

(4) Persuasive definition

Answer: (2)


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