3.Full Forms, Terminology, File Extensions

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  1. Each character on the keyboard of computer has an ASCII value which stands for

(A) American Stock Code for Information Interchange

(B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

(C) African Standard Code for Information Interchange


(D) Adaptable Standard Code for Information Change

Answer: (B)

  1. ALU stands for

(A) American Logic Unit

(B) Alternate Local Unit

(C) Alternating Logic Unit

(D) Arithmetic Logic Unit

Answer: (D)

  1. ‘www’ stands for

(A) work with web

(B) word wide web

(C) world wide web

(D) worth while web

Answer: (C)
  1. The acronym FTP stands for

(A) File Transfer Protocol

(B) Fast Transfer Protocol

(C) File Tracking Protocol

(D) File Transfer Procedure

Answer: (A)

  1. CSS stands for

(A) Cascading Style Sheets

(B) Collecting Style Sheets

(C) Comparative Style Sheets

(D) Comprehensive Style Sheets

Answer: (A)

  1. MOOC stands for

(A) Media Online Open Course

(B) Massachusetts Open Online Course

(C) Massive Open Online Course

(D) Myrind Open Online Course

Answer: (C)

  1. An ASCII is a character-encoding scheme that is employed by personal computers in order to represent various characters, numbers and control keys that the computer user selects on the keyboard. ASCII is an acronym for

(1) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

(2) American Standard Code for Intelligent Information

(3) American Standard Code for Information Integrity

(4) American Standard Code for Isolated Information

Answer: (1)

  1. DVD technology uses an optical media to store the digital data. DVD is an acronym for

(1) Digital Vector Disc

(2) Digital Volume Disc

(3) Digital Versatile Disc

(4) Digital Visualization Disc

Answer: (3)

  1. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities ?

(1) Ultra Security Block 

(2) Universal Security Block

(3) Universal Serial Bus 

(4) United Serial Bus

Answer: (3)


Q-11 DNS stands for:


  1. Distributed Name System
  2. Dynamic Name Standard
  3. Domain Name System
  4. Domain Name Standard



Q- 12 Full form of PDF is:


  1. Portable Document Form
  2. Portable Data Form
  3. Portable Data Format
  4. Portable Document Format



Q-13 IRC is the acronym of:


  1. Internet Related commerce
  2. Information relay centre
  3. Internet relay chat
  4. International relay chat



Q-14 MIME Stands for:


  1. Multiple Internet Mail Extensions
  2. Multipurpose Internet Mail Entity
  3. Multiple Internet Mail Entities
  4. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions



Q-15 SIM means:


  1. Subscriber Information Module
  2. Special Identity Module
  3. System Information Module
  4. Subscriber Identity Module



Q-16 Which one of the following pairs least matches in respect of computers?


  1. Megabytes :  (1024) X (1024) X (8) Bits
  2. PDF : Portable Document Format
  3. HTTPS : Hypertext Transfer Protocol Standard
  4. WWW : World Wide Web


  1. In internet terminology, what does the acronym WYSIWYG stand for?

(1) Why You Saw Is What You Got

(2) What You See Is What You Get

(3) Where You See Is Where You Got 

(4) What You See Is What You Got

Ans: 2

  1. Jatin’s laptop has a LCD screen. The acronym LCD stands for :

(1) Light Crystal Display

(2) Liquid Compact Display

(3) Light Compact Display

(4) Liquid Crystal Display

Ans: 4
  1. Anjali’s teacher uses VLE, a software tool designed to deliver courses online. The acronym VLE stands for

(1) Video Learning Environment

(2) Visual Learning Environment

(3) Virtual Learning Environment

(4) Visual Local Environment

Ans: 3
  1. Which one of the following pairs LEAST matches in respect of computers?

(1) 1GigaByte : (1024) x (1024) x (1024) x 8 bits

(2) CRT : Cathode Ray Tube

(3) ROM : Rapid Online Memory

(4) CPU : Central Processing Unit

Ans: 3
  1. In Audio and Video compression, the term RGB means

(1) Red, Grey, Blue 

(2) Red, Green, Blue

(3) Red, Green, Black 

(4) Red, Grey, Black

  1. SMTP is an acronym for

(1) Simple Mail Transport Protocol 

(2) Simple Mail Terminal Protocol

(3) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

(4) Simple Mail Transition Protocol

Ans: 3
  1. NMEICT is an acronym for

(1) National Massive Education through Information and Communication Technology

(2) National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology

(3) National Multipurpose Education through Information and Communication Technology

(4) National Mode of Education through Information and Communication Technology

Ans: 2

(24). In computer related activities, what is the full form of WORM?

  1. Write On Random Memory 
  2. Write On Real Memory
  3. Write Once Read Many
  4. Write Once Read Memory
Ans: 3
  1. VDU stands for
  1. Virtual Display Unit
  2. Virtual Detection Unit
  3. Visual Display Unit
  4. Visual Detection Unit
Ans. 3
  1. PCI stands for
  1. Partial Component Interconnect
  2. Partial Component Interaction
  3. Peripheral Component Interconnect
  4. Peripheral Component Interaction
  1. Database WOS stands for
  1. Web Of Science
  2. Web Of Sources
  3. World of Science
  4. Web of Service
  1. Which of the following statements is/are correct?
  2. A Local Area Network (LAN) is usually located on one brand of computer
  3. The acronym ‘ISP’ stands for Internet Standard Provider

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(a) A only 

(b) B only

(c) Both A and B 

(d) Neither A nor B

Ans. B
  1. संक्षेपाक्षर CD-ROM का पूरा नाम क्या है?
  2. Count Disk Random Only Memory
  3. Compact Disk Run Only Memory 
  4. Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  5. Count Disk Raw Only Memory

Q.30 what is the full form of the abbreviation CD.ROM?

  1. Count disk random only memory
  2. Compact disk run only memory
  3. Compact disk read only memory
  4. Count disk raw only memory

Q.31 What is the full form of the abbreviation BIOS?

  1. Big information online system
  2. Binary input output system 
  3. Basic input output system 
  4. Binary inner open software

Q.32 What is the full form of the abbreviation ISP?

  1. International service provider 
  2. Internet service provider
  3. Internet software provider
  4. Internet service product

Q.33 What is the full form of the abbreviation IOT?

  1. International office of tourism
  2. Internet of things
  3. Internet of think
  4. Instrument of telecommunication

Q.34 GUI stands for 

  1. Graphical usage interaction
  2. Gaming user interface
  3. Graphical user interface
  4. Graphical user interaction

Q.35 What is the full form of the abbreviation GIF?

  1. Graphics interchange format
  2. Graphics interchange file
  3. Global interchange format
  4. Graphics input format

Q.36  Given are two statements 

Statement I: ALU stands for Arithmetic logic unit

Statement II: UPS stands for uniform power source

In the light of the above the statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below

  1. Both statement I and Statement II are true
  2. Both statement I and Statement II are false
  3. Statement I is correct but statement II is false
  4. Statement I is incorrect but statement II is true

Q.37 URL stands for

  1. Universal resource location
  2. Universal response locator
  3. Unified response location
  4. Uniform resource locator

Q.38 MOODLE is abbreviation of 

(1) Modular object-oriented distance learning environment 

(2) Modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment 

(3) Modular object-oriented legislative environment 

(4) Modular object-oriented distance legal environment 


Q.39 CDMA stands for 

(1) Code division multiplexed access 

(2) Code division multiple access 

(3) Code division mobile access 

(4) Code division mobile adapter 


Q.40 In display technology, CRT stands for 

(1) Cathode ray Transmission

(2) Computer ray transmission 

(3) Cathode Ray tube 

(4) Cathode ray transducer 


Q.41 What is the full form of the abbreviation ISP?

(1) International software product 

(2) Internet service provider 

(3)  Internet server product 

(4) Internet software provider 


Q.42 BCD stands for 

  1. Binary coded decimal 
  2. Binary coded digit 
  3. Bit coded decimal 
  4. Bit coded digit 

Q.43 In banking system, ATM means 

  1. Automatic transfer money 
  2. Automatic tiem money 
  3. Automatic teller machine 
  4. Automatic tele money 
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