1.Meaning And Methods of Research: Experimental, Descriptive, Historical, Qualitative and Quantitative methods

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  1. Ex Post Facto research means
  1. The research is carried out after the incident
  2. The research is carried out prior to the incident
  3. The research is carried out along with the happening of an incidenat.
  4. The research is carried out keeping in mind the possibilities of an incident. 
  1. The research that aims at immediate application is
  1. Action Research
  2. Empirical Research
  3. Conceptual Research
  4. Fundamental Research 
  1. The principles of fundamental research are used in
  1. action research
  2. applied research
  3. philosophical research
  4. historical research

Q-4 In which of the following methods of research the independent variable has to be selected rather than manipulated?


  1. Descriptive survey method
  2. Experimental method
  3. Ex post facto method
  4. Exegetic research
Ans:  3
  1. A researcher intends to explore the effect of possible factors for the organization of effective mid-day meal interventions. Which research method will be most appropriate for this study ?
  1. Historical method
  2. Descriptive survey method
  3. Experimental method
  4. Ex-post-facto method
  1. The principal of a school conducts an interview session of teachers and students with a view to explore the possibility of their enhanced participation in school programmes. This endeavour may be related to which type of research ?
  1. Evaluation Research
  2. Fundamental Research
  3. Action Research 
  4. Applied Research 
  1. Which of the following statements regarding the meaning of research are correct ?
  1. Research refers to a series of systematic activities or activities undertaken to find out the solution of a problem.
  2. It is a systematic, logical and an unbiased process wherein verification of hypothesis, data analysis, interpretation and formation of principles can be done. 
  3. It is an intellectual enquiry or quest towards truth.
  4. It leads to enhancement of knowledge
  1. (a), (b) and (c)
  2. (b), (c) and (d)
  3. (a), (c) and (d)
  4. (a), (b), (c) and (d)
  1. Which of the following research types focuses on ameliorating the prevailing situations ?
  1. Fundamental Research 
  2. Applied Research 
  3. Action Research 
  4. Experimental Research 

Q-9. In which type of research, the steps of research have to be cyclic?



  1. Action research
  2. Grounded theory research
  3. Experimental research
  4. Case study research
  1. Participant observation is a part of 
  1. Philosophical research 
  2. Mentalist Theory of language
  3. Mathematical research
  4. Ethnographic research 
Ans. D

Q-12. For which type of research, the action words – ‘Control, manipulate and observe’ are most relevant?


  1. Action research
  2. Historical Research
  3. Experimental research
  4. Grounded theory approach based research

Q.13. The four major operations in scientific research are :

(a) Demonstration of co-variance

(b) Elimination of spurious relations

(c) Sequencing in terms of time order

(d) self-education

(e) Operationalization of personal choice

(f) Theorization

  1. (a) , (b) , (c) and (d)
  2. (c) , (d) , (e) and (f)
  3. (a) , (b) , (c) and (f)
  4. (b) , (c) , (d) and (e)
Answer: 3

Q-14. Which of the following implies the correct sequence in an action research paradigm?


  1. Act, reflect, plan and observe
  2. Reflect, act, observe and plan
  3. Observe, reflect, plan and act
  4. Plan, act, observe and reflect
  1. Which of the following action sets best represent an action research cycle?
  1. Reflect, act plan and observe
  2. Plan, act, observe and reflect
  3. Observe, plan reflect and act
  4. Act, plan observe and reflect
Ans. B
  1. Participation in which type of research has the great potential for ensuring the improvement of the professional as well as work situation?
  1. Fundamental research 
  2. Applied research
  3. Evaluative research 
  4. Action research
Ans. D
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