Nta Ugc Net Paper 1 Research Aptitude [Complete] Free Pdf Notes-2021

In this Post Nta Ugc Net Paper 1 Research Aptitude you can get Complete Syllabus, Study Materials Pdf Notes in Hindi, Mcq Live Mock Test, Previous Year Questions Answer, Most Repeated Questions, 2012 to 2020 All Shift Topics Wise Questions in Hindi English For Nta Ugc Net Paper 1 Research Aptitude. Nta Ugc Net Paper … Read more

11.Positivism and Post- positivistic approach to research

Who among the following. propounded the concept of paradigm ? Peter Haggett Von Thumen Thomas Kuhn John K. Wright The research approach of Max Weber to understand how people create meanings in natural settings is identified as  positive paradigm critical paradigm natural paradigm interpretative paradigm In Social Sciences, a central issue is the question of … Read more

8. Measurement Scale

Q1.  …….scale possesses all the characteristics of nominal, ordinal and Interval scale. (a) nominal                         (b) Ordinal                      (c) Interval                 (d) Ratio  Q2. It also called the summated rating scale.   1.Guttman scale 2.Likert scale 3.Thurstone scale 4.Semantic differential A researcher is interested in studying the prospects of a particular political party in an urban area. What … Read more

7. Research ethics, Data Collection

Research ethics do not include Honesty Subjectivity Integrity Objectivity   Good ‘research ethics’ means Not disclosing the holdings of shares/stocks in a company that sponsors your research. Assigning a particular research problem to one Ph.D/research. Discussing with your colleagues confidential data from a research paper that you are reviewing for an academic journal. Submitting the … Read more

6. Research Paper, Workshop

A research paper is a compilation of information on a topic. contains original research as deemed by the author. contains peer-reviewed original research or evaluation of research conducted by others. can be published in more than one journal. A workshop is  a conference for discussion on a topic. a meeting for discussion on a topic. … Read more